PowerUp Golf Session with Girl Code Encouragement Block

In 2010 we hosted our very first PowerUp golf clinic for youth in Kenya. It was so amazing! Life ‘changingly’ amazing!

Since then, PowerUp has been dedicated to spreading the love of the game of Golf.

We are always looking for opportunities to be part of programs and activities that challenge our under-served youth to excel in life by promoting leadership development, life-skills training opportunities, and values through education and the game of golf.

To kick off this year’s summer season, we partnered with Girl Code to host a summer Golf Camp! We hosted some powerful girls who were ready to learn about the fantastic game of golf.

Encouragement Block is dedicated to the personal empowerment of youth and adults by encouraging them to unlock their potential through activities focused on education, career, and personal development.

So what is Girl Code? It was developed by the founder of Encourgament Block, Deshawna Colvin. Girl Code is a monthly initiative geared to equip youth girls with the knowledge, resources, and network needed to gain a greater understanding of who they are and the path needed to fulfill their God-given purpose.

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