PowerUp Charity Golf Tournament

It is the intention of PowerUp to market the game of golf to schools, colleges and universities worldwide to demonstrate the value of the game and demystify the myth that golf is only a rich man’s sport. Ten years ago, a mobile phone was a rich man’s tool, today, a mobile phone is a basic need. Within 10 years from now, golf will become like a mobile phone.

Golf is sentimental to Liza Mucheru Wisner whose father rose up from a golf caddy to a golf champion and for whom the game of golf formed a platform for his success in overcoming the challenges of rising from rags to riches. Through PowerUp, Liza participates in golf clinics for underprivileged children.

Liza participates in tournaments, youth training sessions, among other activities, to publicize PowerUp and celebrate the dawn of a new era where golf becomes available to all children in the world.

PowerUp hosted a fundraising golf tournament at Muthaiga Golf Club on November 25, 2010.  They also hosted a golf clinic for children who live in the nearby Mathare slum.

PowerUp Golf In Kenya

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